Fineo Vacuum Glass

Fineo is the new generation of insulating glass. This vacuum glazing, with its unrivalled thinness, provides optimal thermal and acoustic comfort.

Increased Insulation and Comfort

FINEO offers the same thermal performance as triple glazing, while being 3 to 4 times thinner. Thanks to FINEO, the heat stays inside your home, making it more comfortable without increasing your heating bill.

Better Light Transmission

FINEO vacuum glazing lets in 15% more natural light than triple glazing. This means you can enjoy more light in your home.

Better Soundproofing

Soundproofing a home is key to the wellbeing of the occupants. Significantly reducing external noise pollution is possible thanks to FINEO, which offers some of the best soundproofing on the market.

FINEO glazing comparison


  • 8 Times more efficient than single glazing and 12.5% more efficient than a 36mm triple-glazed unit.
  • Slightly better light transmission than double-glazing and better light transmission than triple glazing.
  • 34% perceived noise reduction compared to single glazing and 18% better than double and triple glazing.
  • Better solar gain when compared to triple glazing and just slightly less effective than double glazing.
  • Manufactured in Belgium.