Noise Reduction Products

Acoustic glass

With more and more people crammed closer together and surrounded by noisy transport systems noise pollution is a growing environmental concern and nuisance, especially in urban areas. Even the background noise caused by outside traffic, trains or airplanes can cause disturbance and stress over time.

At acceptable levels, outside noise often reaches around 35 decibels. Traffic can cause a dramatic increase in noise levels up to around 70 dBs; whilst living under a flight path can mean excesses of 90 dBs.

With our requirement for natural light, large expanses of glass have become more popular as it gives good light and vision in our interiors. However, normal glass is not a particularly good noise insulator, which is why acoustic glass technologies have been developed to combat levels of unwanted noise.

Installation of acoustic glass can cut noise disturbance significantly, meaning that the sound of cars, trains or planes needn’t echo through your house anymore

Acoustic is laminated and comprises two (or more) panes of glass bonded together using clear PVB (with acoustic abilities) as the interlayer – giving the appearance of a single pane of glass.

It can also be built into a double glazed unit to be fitted into our sash windows.

Secondary glazing

We offer secondary glazing to suit every application, including openable, removable and fixed units.

The main benefits of secondary glazing are:

  • Retaining your original windows and glass
  • Drastically improving window efficiency
  • Reducing heating costs
  • Contributing to the elimination of outside noise
Draught proofing

There are many benefits of draught proofing your sash windows including warmer rooms, savings on your heating bills, increased energy efficiency, a reduction in your carbon footprint, lowering outside noise levels, elimination of rattling windows and an effortlessly operational window.

Our draught proofing offers a quick return on investment and is more cost-effective than double glazing, saving you money year after year. Due to the increased energy efficiency of this product it qualifies for a lower rate of VAT of just 5%.