Secondary Glazing

If you have a listed property and wish to retain the original sashes and glass in your windows, then secondary glazing could be a cost-effective option for you to consider.

Secondary glazing is a fully independent window system installed to the existing windows, on the inside of the property. It’s usually constructed with a lightweight and thin aluminium frame, so it won’t block the sunlight or obstruct your view. 

Slender, discreet and efficient, it’s perfectly suited to homes in conservation areas and Grade II listed buildings. 

We offer secondary glazing to suit every application, including openable, removable and fixed units.

The main benefits of secondary glazing are:

  • Retaining your original windows and glass
  • Drastically improving window efficiency
  • Reducing heating costs
  • Contributing to the elimination of outside noise


Secondary glazing units can be provided with a variety of glazing options to suit your individual requirements.

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“I would recommend Smooth Movement Sashes to anybody looking for secondary glazing. The process has been fantastic and has definitely made a huge difference to our house. The difference in the sound level is amazing and the house is so much quieter inside.”
Steve Allen, Colchester, Essex

“We can’t recommend this secondary glazing enough. Our lounge is warmer and the condensation is gone. I can actually see my garden now.”
Barry Young, Billericay, Essex