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Sash Window Repair & Refurbishment Hampstead

Windows are more than just a utility; they are a statement. If your sash windows / casement windows, window sills or window frames are rotten and beyond repair or you’re envisioning an entirely new design, we can help. Our sash window refurbishment services are all manufactured in house and installed by our team across Essex and London. If you're looking at replacing your windows its also worth considering our Bespoke Wooden Shutters for added style and privacy. No matter the requirement, from conservation guidelines to unique architectural demands, our expertise ensures we deliver beyond expectations.

If you're windows and frames are in great shape but you're looking for a little more insluation and noise reduction, check out our. Heritage Slimline Double Glazing option fits right into the original frames, preserving the look while improving insulation. Fineo Vacuum Glass is another great option. It's super thin and super insulating, making it perfect for those looking to upgrade without changing the window's appearance.

Craftsmanship Rooted in Tradition

Commitment to authenticity

Our commitment to authenticity is unwavering. Whether we're refurbishing existing sash or casement windows & window sills or creating full replacement windows & frames. Every piece of joinery we produce, whether in FSC hardwood or Accoya, ensures that every solution we produce not only resembles the original design but also stands up to modern day standards.

Period Window Restoration London
Fineo Vaccum Glass Solutions London
Modern Innovations Meet Heritage Appeal

Advanced thermal insulation

While our crafting techniques celebrate heritage, we don’t shy away from infusing the latest in timber technology. Our windows boast advanced thermal insulation and state-of-the-art glazing techniques such as Heritage Slimline Double Glazing, ensuring that beauty doesn’t come at the expense of performance. From acoustic to slimline, our glazing options cater to diverse needs, all while encapsulating the timeless appeal of bespoke timber windows in Essex.

Finish and Detailing
The Final Flourish

A window’s true character is often in its finishing touches. Whether you desire a primed look or a fully finished window with micro-porous paint, we’ve got you covered. And to complement the elegance of our windows, we offer a comprehensive range of ironmongery packages, striking the perfect balance between security and aesthetics. Reach out to discover more about our bespoke timber windows in Essex.

Period Window Restoration Essex

Trust is paramount

Our 5 Year Guarantee

Trust is paramount to us. This is why all our works come with a 5 Year Guarantee from the date of completion, giving you peace of mind with every service rendered.

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